The Making of a Food Addict

I have no idea why one person evolves into a compulsive eater and the next one doesn’t. Yes, food was associated with comfort during my childhood, but isn’t that true for everyone? I was skinny as a kid, and my sister and I grew up back in the day when children still played outside forContinue reading “The Making of a Food Addict”

An Honest Look at Gluttony

The following is a repost of an article in preparation for several weeks of discussion about the topic of food addiction. Stay tuned for more about my journey into and out of food compulsion and about the freedom available to all of us through the One who knows our deepest secrets. Most Christians would agreeContinue reading “An Honest Look at Gluttony”

When Standing Up for Yourself Is Not Okay

God will test us to see just how much we cherish our reputations. Precious in God’s sight is the person whose character is above reproach . . . but those of us who belong to God have no rights when it comes to the matter of reputation. In fact, sometimes God will allow us toContinue reading “When Standing Up for Yourself Is Not Okay”