To the Christian Woman with a Secret Sin

Silhouette illustration of a woman hand grabbing an appleI wish that we, as Christian women, were exempt from struggles with sin. But we’re not. I’ve vowed to be transparent with my readers, so I’m here to confess that not that long ago, the Lord spoke to me about a certain behavior I’d been making excuses for for too long—and He didn’t pull any punches. By the end of our conversation, I had truly walked away from my sin, and the result was pure joy and fresh fire. What follows is the gist of what He said. I’m sharing it in the hope that if you’re like me—prone to wander and in need of the extravagant love and forgiveness of Jesus—you’ll realize that this message is for you as well.


“I’m sorry,” you say. But you don’t really mean it.

Through your actions, you’ve testified that I’m not worth the sacrifice of laying down your sin. You’ve implied that I don’t understand your life and what you need… that you can’t be happy without your golden calf… that I’m not quite enough… that you might enjoy My presence, but you’re not desperate for it.

You’ve been willing to trade My presence for what you want.

You used to give your absolute allegiance to Me. I want you to be that girl again. You used to err on the side of obedience, but now you err on the side of sin. You used to be quick to say, “Yes, Sir.” But now you scramble for loopholes: “I’ll cut back,” or “I’ll stop for a month,” or “Next Monday I’ll turn over a new leaf.” Even as you pledge to stop, you search for a loophole, an escape route, a light at the end of the tunnel, a promise of reprieve to give you hope.

I am your hope.

Are you willing to gamble your friendship with Me?

You’ve convinced yourself again and again that that still small voice isn’t really Me. That you’re just being legalistic. That there’s nothing wrong with bestowing My grace upon yourself as you see fit even though that used to be My job.


Woman pulls pack page and reveals sunset.

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