The Scandal of Holiness

Too often we assume┬áthat holiness is dignified and well-mannered, even stuffy. It is nothing of the sort. Jesus is holiness itself, yet He overthrew tables in the temple courts and plunged into hell for three days to rescue the lost. There is nothing remotely dignified about bleeding, naked, on a cross. Believe it or not,Continue reading “The Scandal of Holiness”

To Those Who Are Brave Enough to Dream

Is there someone in your life who has an approach to faith that borders on reckless, impulsive, even foolish? Do you wish you had that same kind of faith? Then learn to dream. My husband, who will say yes to just about any dream that God puts in his heart, has taught me more aboutContinue reading “To Those Who Are Brave Enough to Dream”

Christians and Depression: Another Look

I keep hearing about believers who are suffering from depression, and we all know it gets worse this time of year. So I’m going to repost an article that┬áran in a LifeWay publication awhile back, and about which I received emails from numerous Christians thanking me for speaking about the taboo subject of depression. OneContinue reading “Christians and Depression: Another Look”

For Those Who Battle with Winter Depression

Do you dread the winter months because you periodically find yourself in meltdown mode, hiding under the covers and feeling useless and defeated? You’re not alone. (Please forgive the background noise; it was breezy that day!)