Created for Fearlessness: the class

Join Me for the Created for Fearlessness weekly workshop!

It’s finally time for the weekly workshop that will FREE you from chronic fear, stress, and anxiety if you will simply open yourself up to TRUTH! I don’t usually use capital letters to emphasize something (in fact, it drives me nutty when others do it), but I’m so stoked about this I can barely contain myself. Before the book was published, I carried out two of these workshops. Each time, once a week, a collection of folks gathered together in my bonus room, where I taught them the principles of true, permanent fearlessness as the Lord taught me back in 2013. They soaked up truth like sponges, and many of them are still experiencing new levels of courage and boldness that they had never experienced before. Several of them are signing up again for the workshop in order to continue moving forward in fearlessness (a couple of them will be attending for the third time!).

Let me clarify that the changes these people have experienced has very little to do with me. The gifts of writing and teaching that I enjoy came straight from Jesus, the Fearless One, and every ounce of truth comes straight from Him. The power to be transformed from an anxiety-ridden, fearful, stressed-out person into a woman of godly confidence, peace, and boldness comes from Him and Him alone. But I want to share what He has taught me. I want to shout it from the rooftops because a fearless life is life of freedom and joy.

Are you sick and tired of being afraid? Of waking up to that sickening bzzzzzzzzzz of anxiety? Of second-guessing every decision, fretting about your loved ones, and spending your mental energy trying to figure out the future? It’s your turn to step into fearlessness. 

To save your spot and register for class, or to ask questions, please email See you soon!

When: Tuesdays from 6–8 p.m. starting on March 23.

Where: 503 D Street (at the Manna Village on Providence), Clarksville, TN, 37042

How much: These classes are free of charge. The accompanying book will be available for purchase on site, or get it ahead of time on Amazon.


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