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Victoria (Vicki) Doulos York is an author, editor, and teacher residing in Clarksville, TN. She is wife to Kenny York, founder and director of Manna Café Ministries. A native of Chicago, Vicki began writing at the age of 11 when she received a small diary for Christmas. During her teens, her family relocated to rural Illinois, where she resided until her mid-twenties. Due to chronic fear and anxiety, Vicki often felt unsure of herself and her decisions. She married young, relocating with her husband and son to Tennessee in the mid-eighties. In 2005, she left her abusive marriage and relocated to Nashville.

Around the same time, Vicki graduated from college (as a nontraditional returning student) and began working at a Nashville publishing company. Both of her supervisors misread her resume, resulting in her being offered an editor’s position in spite of not having a master’s degree. She loved the work, spending the next four years learning to write curriculum, proofread professionally, and edit Sunday school coursework. After several years, she married Kenny and assisted him in his dream of launching a ministry to the hungry and impoverished in Clarksville, TN., where they still reside.

In 2009, Vicki began writing dozens of magazine articles for LifeWay Publishing. Four years later in 2013, her life was altered in a radical way on a February morning when the Lord called her to a “fear fast.” This led to freedom from 50 years of fear in all its forms, including anxiety, worry, timidity, and stress. The fear fast to which God called her, and which she describes in her book Created for Fearlessness, what many years of trying to disentangle herself from fear never had. Finally, she was liberated. Now her desire is to spread the word to the American church that it’s time to shake off the fear that’s been strangling us so we can step into the future with confidence and courage.  

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