Created for Fearlessness: the book

During a two-hour commute in the spring of 2013, the Lord challenged me to a “fear fast,” leading me out of a lifetime of chronic fear and anxiety and into a life of God-centered fearlessness. The principles He taught me in regard to fear changed my life radically and permanently. In this book geared toward individuals from every background, I share these truths in a simple, straightforward way that will resonate with anyone who’s tired of being afraid. Topics include the many faces of fear (such as stress, procrastination, catastrophic thinking, worry, passivity, and escapism); the importance of finding the Presence of God in the present moment; the role of humility in banishing fear; and the power of the fear of God to eradicate every other fear. This book is for anyone who is ready to walk away from fear in all its forms and embrace fearlessness and the freedom it brings. Available as paperback or e-book. Audiobook coming soon!

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