Rationing Worship

When we ration our love for God, we set boundaries as to what we will and won’t do to express our devotion to him: “It’s okay to clap our hands in church—a little.” Or, “Lifting one’s hands is nice, but let’s not go too far.” We’re afraid… of what others might think… and of what God mightContinue reading “Rationing Worship”

The Scandal of Holiness

Too often we assume that holiness is dignified and well-mannered, even stuffy. It is nothing of the sort. Jesus is holiness itself, yet He overthrew tables in the temple courts and plunged into hell for three days to rescue the lost. There is nothing remotely dignified about bleeding, naked, on a cross. Believe it or not,Continue reading “The Scandal of Holiness”

Following Jesus into the Unknown

Lately, the Lord’s been prompting me to do some video blogs along with written blogs. I suppose the correct word is “vlog,” but I’m not entirely sure because I’m technologically challenged—which explains, I hope, the rather poor quality of this video. In short, I have no idea what I’m doing regarding the technology, but God’sContinue reading “Following Jesus into the Unknown”

To the Christian Woman with a Secret Sin

I wish that we, as Christian women, were exempt from struggles with sin. But we’re not. I’ve vowed to be transparent with my readers, so I’m here to confess that not that long ago, the Lord spoke to me about a certain behavior I’d been making excuses for for too long—and He didn’t pull any punches. ByContinue reading “To the Christian Woman with a Secret Sin”

In Defense of PDAs

We not only tolerate public displays of affection, we applaud them. But we don’t stop there. The filthier the better, we say. We stop at nothing, we welcome everything, no matter how deviant. And yet— When it comes to the greatest Lover, the purest and most benevolent Lover— We clam up. We are paralyzed. WeContinue reading “In Defense of PDAs”

To Those Who Have Been Missing Their God-Time

“Do not always scrupulously confine yourself to certain rules, or particular forms of devotions,“ said Brother Lawrence. He said this as one who knew how to “practice of the presence of God”—that is, to enjoy an ongoing, never-ending, easy lifting of the heart and remembrance to God, which invites and sustains His constant presence. HeContinue reading “To Those Who Have Been Missing Their God-Time”

Blissfully Thankful

Gratitude and joy go hand in hand. Today, I was overcome with thankfulness that God has allowed me to work from home—which means that I look at this all day:   instead of this: In the middle of my prayer, which went something like “Wow, thank You! Wow!”—I realized that I’ve never felt joy without beingContinue reading “Blissfully Thankful”

Eyes for Only Jesus

Most of us lean toward one side of the fence or the other: we’re quick to be offended at others’ criticism while accepting their praise—or, mindful of the sin of pride, we reject their praise while putting too much stake in their condemning words. But when we have eyes for only Jesus, we’re immune toContinue reading “Eyes for Only Jesus”