Salvation and God’s will are both played out day by day, but too often we live as though salvation were a five-minute event that happened at some point in our past, and as though God’s will is “out there” in our future somewhere. Both are disconnected from our present; we remember one and wait for the other—but in reality, we are to be actively and responsibly enjoying our salvation and walking in God’s immediate will . . right here, right now.

Day by day, I am being saved: increasing in maturity, in my love for people, in my capacity for joy, in the fruit of patience. If someone asks, “When were you saved?” I should be able to answer, “Today.” If they ask, “What is God’s will for your life?” I should be able to answer, “I am standing in it, right here, right now.”

To do so is to find deep contentment.


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