Is there someone in your life who has an approach to faith that borders on reckless, impulsive, even foolish? Do you wish you had that same kind of faith? Then learn to dream.

My husband, who will say yes to just about any dream that God puts in his heart, has taught me more about faith in the past seven years than I learned in the four decades before we were married. I was the type who anxiously clings to security and tries to control the universe, while he’s the type who changes the world through the power of faith in God. As a dreamer, he isn’t ignorant of the obstacles that stand between himself and the vision God has planted in his heart; he just knows God is bigger and badder than those obstacles.

Ultimate Bible picture collection
Ultimate Bible picture collection

Once you commit to be crazy enough to follow God wherever He leads, get ready to watch your God-dreams unfold. The experience will render you breathless with gratitude and awe and lift you to new levels of faith. But know this: You must be willing to persevere when opposition comes… because it will come. Some will criticize or ridicule you for daring to dream. Some will laugh, and others will try to rein you in. They’ll try to domesticate you and break your spirit. You might even have to fend off “friendly fire.” After all, it was Joseph’s own brothers who said to one another, “Oh, here comes the great dreamer. Let’s kill him…. We’ll see then what becomes of his stupid dreams” (Genesis 37:19–20, Voice). Jealous of the dreamer, they plotted the murder of their own brother, then threw him into a pit, then sold him to slave traders.

But Joseph’s dreams were God’s dreams, and God’s dreams aren’t so easily extinguished. If you don’t know how this story ends, here’s the short version: Many years and many battles later, Joseph became second in command over the Egyptian empire and was instrumental in saving the nation of Israel from extinction.

Lynn Bogle, former CDO of the Nashville Rescue Mission (which houses hundreds of homeless men), made this statement: “God says to us, ‘You know what? I’ll take care of it. You just dream, and I’ll take care of it.’” The “it” to which he was referring is a 12 million dollar budget. What’s your “it”? Are you willing to dream and let God take care of the impossibilities?

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